राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान, सिलचर


One-day Springer Nature Author Workshop on "Scientific Publishing" (21st August, 2018)
One-week Workshop on "Design and Deployment of Cyber Physical Systems" (17-21 September, 2018)
One-week Workshop on "Recent Trends on Optimization Techniques in Science and Engineering (ROTS-2018)" (16-20 August, 2018); Registration Deadline: 05.08.2018
One-week Workshop on "Computational Technologies (CT-2018)" (16-20 August, 2018); Venue: Seminar Hall of M.E. Dept., NIT Silchar
One-week International Workshop on "Modeling, Simulation and Soft Computing (IWMSSC-2018)" (10-14 August, 2018)
One-week "Summer School on Antenna and Microwave Engineering (SUSAME-2018)" (23-27 July, 2018)
One-week STTP on "Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing" (28th July - 1st August, 2018)
Five-days Workshop on "Fundamentals of Energy Storage" (23-27 July, 2018)
Photographs of 4th International Day of Yoga observed on 21st June, 2018 at NIT Silchar
4th International Day of Yoga observed on 21st June, 2018 at NIT Silchar
World Environment Day & National Conference on "Recent Advances in Environmental Science & Engineering (RAESE-2018)" (5th June, 2018)
Brochure of - GIAN course on "Resource Recovery: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment" (27-31 August, 2018)
First NE Inter NIT "GEOTECHNICAL STUDENTS MEET" (13-14 May, 2018)
One-week Workshop on "Recent Advances in Fuzzy Optimization (RAFO-2018)" (21-25 May, 2018); Deadline: 15.05.2018
Brochure of - GIAN course on "Innovation & Technology Enterprise: Idea to Entrepreneurship" (30 July - 10 August, 2018)
Three-days National Workshop on "CMOS-MEMS Integration": From Devices to Applications (12-14 April, 2018) (sponsored by SERB-DST)
Brochure & Registration Form for Three-days National Workshop on "CMOS-MEMS Integration": From Devices to Applications (12-14 April, 2018) (sponsored by SERB-DST)
An Expert Lecture by Dr. Mohit Ray, Environmental Specialist on 28th March, 2018 (Theme: "Assessing Environment Around Us - NIT Silchar campus")
"National Conference on Advances in Structural Technologies (CoAST-2019)" (1-3 February, 2019)
15-days Hands-On Training on "VLSI Circuit Design using Cadence" (Starting from 1st June, 2018)
Edumeet on "Factory Automation and Reform of Academia" (23rd March, 2018)
One-week Training Course on "Data Acquisition and LabView Applications" (21-26 March, 2018)
One-week Short-term Course on "Recent Trends in Communication, Signal Processing and Solid State Devices" (13-17 March, 2018)
6th International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics (ICACNI-2018) (04-06 June, 2018) is going to be organized by CSE Dept., NIT Silchar
One-week STTP on "Recent Advances on Water and Environment Studies" (13-17 February, 2018)
One-day Invited Talk on "Data Science" (25th January, 2018)
Distinguished Lecture by Padma Shree Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray, Director, IIEST, Shibpur and Professor, IIT Kharagpur on 23rd & 24th January, 2018
Brochure of - GIAN course on "Methodological Approach for Circuit Analysis of Modern Power Systems" (08-13 January, 2018)
National Conference on "River Flow Processes Modelling (RFPM-2017)" (11th November, 2017)
Five-days Workshop on "VLSI Design using Cadence" (01-05 November, 2017)
Seminar on "RETIP-2017" (Best Paper Award and Extended Date of Submission)
One-day Seminar on "Geotechnical Problems in Southern Assam-Causes and Remedies" (9th September, 2017)
Two-days "Train the Trainer" National Workshop on "Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS)" (26-27 August, 2017)
One-week Workshop / Teacher Training on "Strategic Planning, Techniques and Methods (SPTM)" (21-25 August, 2017)
One-week Workshop on "Research Methodology and Data Analytics" (28-08-2017 to 01-09-2017)
One-week Workshop on "Innovative and Contemporary Teachers' Training Program (ICTM)" (14-18 August, 2017)
Workshop on "Community-Library Inter-Action (CLIA): Libraries as Community Anchors Promoting Peaceful and Sustainable Communities" (6th July, 2017)
Workshop on "Acting for Sustainable Development: Libraries Supporting Economic Growth and Development of Human Capital" (6th July, 2017)
Photographs of 3rd International Day of Yoga observed at NIT Silchar on 21-Jun-2017
3rd International Day of Yoga observed on 21-Jun-2017
National Conference on "Recent Advancement in Geotechnical Investigations and Ground Improvement Techniques (RAGIGIT-2017)" (14-15 May, 2017)
Research Conclave on "RISE-2017 (Recent Innovations in Science and Engineering" (24-26 March, 2017)