About Research Promotion Cell

National Institute of Technology, Silchar established Research Promotion Cell in 2012 to promote research and to provide research funding to B Tech/M Tech/M.Sc students of NIT Silchar.

RPC provides research funding to Students of NIT Silchar to enable them to undertake independent research in newly emerging and frontier areas of Science, Engineering and Technology and to involve the young brains in the development and building process of the nation and the world.

The cell guides the research students to further their development of their projects so that the papers can be submitted in national and international conferences and journals of high repute. The cell also promotes the students to make new developments in the field of innovations and apply for patents and awards.


Research Promotion Cell's Logo is a "Blue Flame". The theme colour of logo is Blue which represents the knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness of the organisation.
Blue flame is usually the most hottest and intense part of fire. which represents the High Spirit within the organisation to accomplish goals and fulfill objective of Research Promotion Cell i.e to promote a culture of Research within the organisation.
The two streaks of flame in the upper part of the logo indicate a moving blue flame which means that the organisation strives to do its best in moving forward and promote Research and Innovation in NIT Silchar.
The motto of RPC is क्रियाशक्तिधिमात्रातम् which means - Power of Creativity is the supreme power.
PS : If you look carefully in the logo, then you can see the letters R, P and C in it. Hint : View the logo inverted and you will see the letters.


  • To provide research support to B.Tech./M.Tech./M.Sc. students for pursuing exciting and Innovative research.
  • Promotion of professional and academic and activities.
  • Provide career guidance to students
  • To involve young brains in Science, Engineering and Technology development process.


  • Well Equipped Lab

  • Financial Support

  • Internships

  • Research Promotion Cell has a dedicated air conditioned computer Lab with Wi-Fi and dedicated Internet access which remains open for 24 hours and provide a perfect atmosphere for research.
  • Funding is provided for equipment , consumables, travel, staff/labour charges and contingency.
  • Research Promotion Cell not only provides support to the research oriented students, but also informs all the students of NIT Silchar for various internships opportunities in India and abroad through its facebook page. This has benefitted not only students of NIT Silchar, but also students from other colleges too.