Photography Club

Obiettivo is the official photography club of NIT Silchar that functions under the supreme body of Gymkhana. Creative the name it is, Obiettivo in Italian stands for lens. Presently run under the aegis of the Club secretary head, Sajal Gupta, this club has a promising future. Since being reopened on the 5th of September 2010, the club has been ascending heights of excellence. The club is vested with the responsibility of covering all the Gymkhana events including Tecnoesis and Incandescence, along with Photo Tours and Photo Walks.

The club has proudly produced ingenious lensmen who have won laurels in various Inter-NIT as well as National level photography competitions. It also holds photography workshops for the budding shutterbugs in collaboration with organisations, e.g. Nikon. Obiettivo has the following clubs under it-
1. Motion Fizz (the videography club) This club sees to the overall field of video making which comes under the college domain.