Music Club

"After silence , that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music" – Victor Hugo Appreciating the art associated with music, NIT Silchar has given rise to the music club. Ever since it has been active in 2012, it has not looked back. Headed by Ayan Neel Medhi, today it is one of the elite clubs of the institute incorporating a number of events throughout the scholastic year. The signature events of Music Club have been briefed below.

1. Spark- It is the musical evening accompanying the largest annual technical festival of NIT Silchar, Tecnoesis.

2. Thundermarch – This idiosyncratic musical event of the institute has claimed recognition over the country. Thundermarch,organised as a part of Incandescence witnesses some of the best bands of the world and portrays thevast musical culture of NIT Silchar.

This club has proved its metal by featuring in MTV Indies. Complimented for very good hospitality by many bands, the Music Club has also featured in magazines like Eclectic. This club has been marching towards excellence and the journey is still on.