Literary Club

Illuminating the intelligentsia of NIT Silchar is what ILLUMINITS is all about. With the aim of improving and promoting literature and fine arts, this society has been striding towards the zenith since its inception. Running under the chairmanship of Prof Nalin Behari Dev Choudhury, and under the aegis of the present Literary, Publication, and Fine Arts Secretary, Trisha Bhattacharya; ILLUMINITS is the most prominent society of NIT Silchar

Vocal Skills Club- This club sees over the enhancement of oration, debating and recitation skills of the students.

The Quiz Club- Being a hub for quizzers, this club organises all the quizzing events throughout the year.

1. English Literature Club- This club has the responsibility to encourage an environment of English Literature in the college. This club conducts Deprador, the Inter College debate organised as a part of the annual cultural festival, Incandescence.
2. Hindi Literature Club- This club promotes Hindi literature. This club has the privilege of organising the annual language honorary ceremony, Hindi Diwas under the guidance of MHRD to cultivate awareness for the official language and appreciate the beauty of its expanse.
3. Axomiya and Bengali Club- This club sees to the Axomiya and Bengali literature module of the Literary Society.
4. German Club- This club, in collaboration with the Goethe Institut (Max Mueller Bhawan, German Embassy), Kolkata conducts German Classes for the interested lot.

Publication Sub Committee -This constitutional committee of NITS takes care of the publication related student activities of the institute, including NIT Scoop, the quarterly newsletter and IGNITS, the annual college magazine.

Vocal Skills Club- This club sees over the enhancement of oration, debating and recitation skills of the students.

NITSMUN Secretariat- NITSMUN or NITS Model United Nations is one of the newest ventures undertaken by ILLUMINITS and is seen over by the NITSMUN Secretariat. NITSMUN is organised as a part of Incandescence.

NITS Youth Parliament- In collaboration with Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Indian Government, the NITS Youth Parliament holds the youth parliament competitions organised by the cited ministry.

Fine Arts Club- All types of fine art modules come under this, whether be it organising painting competitions of different genres with the flagship event of annual street painting competition.

Journalism Club - This club supervises the content writing of NIT Scoop, the quarterly newsletter of the institute as well as IGNITS, the annual magazine. It brings out the remarkable journalism skills of the students for the world to see.
ILLUMINITS Organising committee -This committee is responsible for supervising the overall conduction of all the events organised under ILLUMINITS.

Prometheus is the annual literary festival of the institute and encompasses a variety of events with declamation, poem recitation, debates to name a few. ILLUMINITS is planning to organise Advanced English Communication Skills classes for standardising the environment of English speaking and writing.