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The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.”-Pele
For the second time, the prestigious All India Inter NIT Sports meet is back in NIT Silchar and In this edition of the meet, NIT Silchar will be hosting two sports-Yoga and Table Tennis. The event will commence on 10th October,2019 and go on till 13th October, 2019. These 3 days will witness fierce competition, wherein everyone will be shedding their sweat and blood, just to seize one thing- GLORY! The preparations for the premier event has begun in full swing and has garnered the complete attention of the 4,000+ student fraternity of the college. We are all set to greet the 500 students who will be arriving from all the NITs from around the country and make their time with us a memorable one!

Table Tennis Tournament

The matches will be played on state of the art wooden surfaces. To maintain the quality of the surface and to prevent damage, players must wear non-mark gum sole shoes and bring their own TT rackets. The boys' team can have a maximum of 5 members and the girls' team a maximum of 4. The championship will not be individual and will be best of 5 matches of 11 points each. The matches will be conducted by STIGA competition 3 star 40+ ball(white)

Yoga Tournament

The competition will be held separately for boys and girls and each team will consist of 6 members(5+1 reserve member). To be eligible for competition, the team must contain at least 5 members. The organisers will draw the sequence of the participating teams and no individual championship will be conducted

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